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Burghley House

A group of us from Yarwell Mill recently experienced a thoroughly enjoyable day at Burghley House.   We gathered at 11.00am and made our way to the Garden of Surprises.  A mixture of statues,  grottos, a mirror maze and some spectacular water features certainly treated us to some very unexpected surprises!   We all agreed it was quite wonderful and a great place to bring the grandchildren.    Following a break for coffee, we made our way to the Sculpture Garden where there is a permanent collection of over 20 sculptures which range from the traditional to the bizarre!  I think the lake with its stunning boat house and wonderful water side sculptures was a favourite.  After a light lunch it was time to meet our guide for the highlight of the day, our walk around the house.  Strangely enough our guide Ann Feather, came from Yarwell and was delighted to meet her fellow neighbours.  She was such a knowledgeable lady and made our tour so interesting.   Burghley House is beautiful and with history dating back 500 years it makes a wonderful day out.  We came away with our heads buzzing from such a feast for the eyes and so much information.

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