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Guided tour of Geddington

This is a village with a wealth of historical facts, quaint features, and notable landmarks. There are stories to be told concerning the Bakehouse, Bridge, Ford, river Ise, Eleanor Cross, sunken well, springs running underneath the cross, majestic Saxon/ Norman Church & array of past and present Public Houses.
Tour Guide Kam who took us for our morning walk, and was so informative on all subjects. Festooned on us so much knowledge about this hidden gem. Has 15 festivals, various local customs, and so many anecdotes. Mostly about the well known people from the past who walked those same streets or used the Roman road. We were walking in their footsteps during our tour. Famous names that have been linked to, and got inspired by Geddington. Royal personas who enjoyed the Hunters Lodge. St Magdalene Church which has its own fascinating history over the centuries. Close by Boughton House, used for historic filming. It has attracted celebrities from big & small screen. Frequent visitor from literature Charles Dickens. Got his ideas for his novels from connections with people, and houses in various locations Northants. Geddington and Boughton House especially. Kam our guide led us over the Bridge with intriguing question on the architectural design of the arches. On ford side see 4,on the field side 5.One is bricked up.Taken to the one unique Eleanor’s Cross. Stopping to hear fascinating tales from days long ago why it is in Geddington. With majestic Church in the background surrounded by inquisitive side streets where working people lived in their stone houses for past centuries. Led to the church, but our visit had to be conducted from outside sadly. It was locked at this time due to covid restrictions.This did not spoil the day as we concentrated more on what was architecturely, and spiritually meaningful. Sundial built into the stone wall pointed out to us. Also array gargoyles looking down on us. Standing on land which was where King’s Palace stood, see remains of path way leading from the church to Palace perimeter stone wall only evidence it was here. Village is a vista of discovery. We made our way back over the bridge. Ford has its own tale as used for crossing over. Old age custom of The squirt. Still tradition takes place every Boxing day. Passing thatched cottages to return to the Cafe Oak. This is where we all met first, and Kam started his tour from. Got back in time to have a lovely lunch. All thanks to Avril for organising this interesting history outing.