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Deene Park and House

If you haven’t already visited Deene Park then this is a ‘must see’ stately home with a very chequered past, including associations with The Magna Carta and the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava. The house is currently owned and occupied by the Brudenell family, Sir Robert and Lady Charlotte and their son William, who’s family association with the house dates back to the 1500’s. The house was built over six centuries and has grown from a medieval manor into the Tudor and Georgian Mansion that we see today.
But the house hasn’t always been as oppulent as it is today. Cromwell ransacked the house in 1643 and took away all the books in the library leaving it in a sad and sorry state. Many of these books belonged to the 1st Earl of Cardigan and after the Civil War he managed to recover many of his books although to his fury he was made to pay for them! During the Second World War the house was occupied by British, Czech, Polish and Indian soldiers. By 1946 the house had deteriorated appallingly and sales of furniture were made to enable the installation of electricity and make the relevant repairs. However by the 1950’s the house needed much work and over the last 50 years it has been restored, redecorated and largely refurbished by Edmund Brudenell whose son Robert inherited Deene Park in 2014. It is hoped that with the help of visitors to the house, it can continue as a home, lived in by the family who have cherished it since 1514.
Following our visit to the main house we were treated to a wonderful cream tea in what used to be the old kitchen.
Postscript: to find out more about Deene Park and its association with The Magna Carta and The Charge of the Light Brigade you will just have to make a visit!! But I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!


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