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Grave Plotters

The Church of  St. Mary Magdalene, Yarwell

The History Group was recently asked by the Church Warden Judith Wyer-Roberts and the Reverend Jane Tailby, if any of the group would like to help Plan, Plot and Record the graveyard of the church.


A very suspicious group of 4 were recently espied scuttling around the Church and Gravestones, looking very dodgy as they measured the church and grounds, and began trying to decipher the inscriptions on the Headstones and Graves as best they could. 




With many having worn to become illegible, it was a very hard and challenging task. 
Each Grave was ‘numbered’ and a plan will be drawn up showing the location and inscriptions as can be seen.  
It is hoped Judith and the Reverend Jane will be able to obtain further information.